CSM is a Scottish private company founded in 1980.
CSM Latin America (CSM LA) is formed by the following countries: UK, PERÚ y ECUADOR.

CSM UK Limited
Renwick J Elder
Group Chief Financial Officer
Address: 4 Altec Centre, Minto Drive, Altens, Aberdeen  AB12 3LW
Scotland, UK
Phone: (+44) 1224 294 850
Fax: (+44) 1224 294 849

Alberto De Losada L.
Chief Executive Officer
East Lodge Mnaltrie Ballater Abeerdeenshire AB35 5NK

Address: Av. Salaverry # 3336, Lima 27
Lima, Peru
Phone: +511 264 4264
Fax: +511 264 5582

Alberto De Losada
Chief Executive Officer

Maricel Escudero
Vice President, Operations

Mariella Inurritegui
Vice President, Administration and Finance

Address: Juan González 35-26 y Juan Pablo Sanz Edficio Torres Vizcaya Oficina 4C, Torre Norte
Quito, Ecuador
Phone: +(593) 2 2260 499

Liria De Olalla
Gerente Administrativa
E-mail: lolalla@csmlogistica.com


To become the "Strategic Partner" of our customers, mainly in the Oil, Gas and Mining industry, providing them with services related to logistic operations.


In CSM we believe our customers should basically devote their time to their business. Their logistic activities should not interfere with their operations, but rather make them easier.


To ensure the efficient performance of our customers’ operations without causing any environmental accident or damage.


To work with our customers and suppliers in an environment based on productivity, efficiency and professionalism.

CSM was formed as a legal entity in 1994 and commenced trading in June 1995.

In March 2000 it became a subsidiary of Tecnoconsult International Ltd, part of the Tecno Group of Venezuela, a leading engineering and project management group, with a long and wide involvement the Latin American and Caribbean markets. Tecnoconsult International currently operates in the UK, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

Notable events in the Company’s development include:

June 1995
Latin America

Acquisition of Latchmoor Latin America from Inchcape plc.  Latchmoor operated in Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru, providing logistics support to seismic, drilling contractors, oil and gas exploration and production companies.

August 1995
Caspian Region

Award of Logistics Management Services contract by Azerbaijan International Operating Company (a consortium comprising BP Exploration, Amoco, Statoil, and SOCAR amongst others).

October 1995

Award of Management Services contract by Harvey Offshore for Shorebase Facilities and Support to Hibernia Management & Development Company (a consortium comprising Mobil, Chevron, Petro Canada amongst others).

March 1996
Caspian Region

Provision of Logistics Consultants to DTI/TDA funded Offshore Kazakhstan Infrastructure Study.

June 1996

Award of Logistics Personnel contract by BP Exploration for its Pedernales development.
Opening of CSM offices in Venezuela.

June 1996
Caspian Region

Opening of Onshore Supply Base in Primorsk, Azerbaijan, providing materials storage and control for operators and service companies, including Schlumberger, Baroid amongst others.

December 1996
North Africa

Award of Logistics Personnel contract by BP Exploration for exploration and development in Algeria.

December 1996
Caspian Region

Signing of Joint Venture Agreement with SOCAR (State Oil Company of the Republic of Azerbaijan) and formation of Caspian Logistics Services, the JV company.

February 1997
Caspian Region

Award of Onshore Facilities and Support contract by CIPCO (a consortium comprising Pennzoil amongst others).

May 1997

Award of Onshore Facilities and Support contract by Mobil for offshore Maracaibo operations.

August 1997
Caspian Region

Award of Onshore Facilities and Support contract by NAOC (a consortium comprising Amoco, Unocal amongst others).

September 1997

Commencement of first shared logistics services contract for importation, transport, warehousing for Occidental, YPF.
Award of Contract for Provision of CSM’s materials management system (CSM Maveric), personnel, training and systems implementation by City Investments.

December 1997
South Atlantic

Award of Exploration Support Base Facilities and Services contract by LASMO on behalf of FOSA (Shell, IPC, Amerada Hess, LASMO).

December 1997

Opening of CSM office in Houston, Texas.

December 1997

Award of Support Services Contract for Barrett Resources Exploration programme.

April 1998

Award of exploration drilling logistics support contract for 3-well programme for BP Shah Deniz

June 1998

Award of full logistics support contract by Arco for exploration drilling operations in Peru.

August 1998

Award of support base operator contract for the OKIOC Offshore Caspian Sea Consortium in Bautino

October 1998

Award of Contracts for Provision of CSM’s materials management system (CSM Maveric), personnel, training and systems implementation by Emery Worldwide and British Borneo.

March 1999

Award of Contract for Materials Management Services for Shaw Construction.

April 1999

Award of 10-year contract for Outsourced Logistics Services for AIOC – BP Amoco.

May 1999

Award of full logistics support contract by Repsol for the first offshore exploration drilling operations in Peru, including shipment of materials and equipment from/to USA.

July 1999

Formation of JV with Tidewater for the provision of storage and materials management services at Morgan City, LA.

March/April 2000

Award of base services and supervisory contracts by Exxon, Chevron and Agip.

June 2000

Award of base services and supervisory contracts by JAOC.

September 2001

Award of full logistics support contract by Pluspetrol for its development of the Camisea field.

August 2002 Azerbaijan & Kazakhstan

Safety Awards given by BP and Agip KCO in recognition of 4 years of operations without Lost Time Incidents or Accidents.

January 2004 Ecuador

Award of logistics and river transport services contract by Occidental for 2 years

February 2004 Azerbaijan

Award of supply base services contract by Lukoil Overseas Company for exploration programme.

May 2004

Award of contract for materials handling, fuel storage and handling, by Occidental.

October 2004

Award of contract for fuel storage and handling, camp facilities, and river transport, by Skanska.

May 2005
UK & Azerbaijan

Accreditation of CSM Quality Management System - granted a Certificate of Approval, number LRQ 4002259, by Lloyds Register Quality Assurance (LRQA).

July 2005

Award of three-year contract to provide workshop premises and support services by Weatherford.
Award of contract for the provision of workshop facilities and premises by Weir Pumps, on behalf of themselves, Score Europe, Rolls Royce and John Crane.

October 2005

Award of supply base engineering study by ConocoPhillips

November 2005

Award of contract for the provision, transportation, storage and management of fuel, and transportation logistics by Barrett Resources in northern Peru.
Award of contract for fuel handling and delivery by Pluspetrol for its Pagoreni development programme.

Currently, CSM is operating in Trinidad, Latin America (Ecuador and Peru), The Former Soviet Union (Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan), and Algeria, employing around 450 personnel.

Administration and Regional Offices are maintained in: Aberdeen, Scotland; Baku, Azerbaijan; Aktau, Kazakhstan; Lima and Iquitos, Peru; Quito, Ecuador; Caracas, Venezuela.


CSM Consolidated Supply Management - Jr. Contralmirante Montero 435 Of. 9B, Magdalena - Phone: 2644264 
Lima 2017