Specialization: Our approach in the industry gives us the opportunity to understand the characteristics of the business and our customers’ needs, speaking the same language and maximizing the efficiency of their projects.

Know-how and Experience:CSM is made up of a team of professionals and field staff properly trained and equipped and with many years experience, who together are able to take quick and efficient decisions ensuring an immediate response to the changing needs of our customers.

Standards & Safety:
Our international experience working with top-rated companies allows us conducting our operations under the highest international standards. Our best result is our record of zero environmental accidents and/or incidents in all our operations.
In August 2008, continuing with our spirit of continuous improvement, we commenced the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification process, with the support of consulting firm Bureau Veritas, in order to have the main procedures related to our services certified.  The implementation and subsequent certification of these procedures will take about 10 months..

In CSM we have the financial support and reliability of our staff, giving our customers the confidence they need for the success of their projects.

Relationship with Our Customers:Long-term oriented, looking for the continuous improvement of procedures and costs through a constant communication with our customers based on planning, the scheduling of activities and reports of efficiency indicators.

CSM Consolidated Supply Management.- Jr. Contralmirante Montero 435 Of. 9B, Magdalena - Phone: 2644264 
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