BETEL Lot 138
Transportation and Fuel Management

Integral logistics operations in Pucallpa, Betel Base Camp and Yahuish 1X location. Integral Management of the Supply Base to support Exploration operations. Land Transport from Lima to Pucallpa. Provision of Warehouse in Pucallpa and Embarcadero.

Coordination and preparation of all the River and Air Cargo. Provision of lifting and rigging equipment as well as specialized personnel. Transfer, storage and dispatch of all types of fuel. Provision of heavy equipment such as: mobile cranes, forklifts and front loaders. River Transport: Rent and operation of river boats for the transport of cargo and passengers.

General Management and Administration of a camp for 300 people, including: catering service, waste management services and the provision and operation of potable and residual plants.

66,000 Tons of Cargo moved by Air
1.8 millions Gallons Transferred

2012 - 2014