Malvinas Supply Base Integral Support

Integrated service operation Logistics of the Malvinas supply base. Initial mobilization of the camp and fractioning and pumping plant 2001 - 2011. Reception and Dispatch of river cargo (3 docks). Programming and Coordination of flights (cargo and passengers). Mobilization of heli-transported and personal cargo (4 heliports, 1 Malvinas aerodrome and more than 6 remote locations). Programming and mobilization of land cargo (Pipe-Rack, Warehouses, etc.) Reception, storage and Transfer of fuels (JP1, Diesel, Gasoline). Warehouse management services.

Coordination, programming and execution of all movements: River, land and Air between the base and the different wells and operation areas. Programming, coordination and execution of all handling and lifting operations with cranes, front loaders, forklifts, trucks and helicopters. Provision of equipment and rigging, as well as fuel storage equipment. Transfer fuel from river barges to storage tanks and Heli Bladders. Material storage and control operations (piping yards, roofed warehouses for chemicals and other products and supplies, including all hazardous materials).

170,000 tons of air cargo
moved per year
140,000 Passengers
per year

2001 - 2011