LOTE 116
Integral Logistic Support

Integral logistics operator for Lot 116 in Saramiriza, Station 5 and the Fortuna1X well. Specialize personnel to Support cargo, fuel and general operations at the base. Responsible for the movement of cargo and passengers via river from 06 different locations. Coordination and preparation of the mobilization of Heli-transported cargo from the base to the well.

Land Transportation to the different locations. Around the base. Fuel Transfer and refueling for aircrafts and heavy equipment. Provision of specialized equipment such as bladders, pumps and tanks. Provision of office facilities, heavy machinery, river boats and land transport. River transport, cargo preparation, inspection of vessels, departure procedure and route tracking through satellite.

107,000 Tons Moved
1.3 millions Gallons of Fuel Transferred

2013 – 2015