What do we do
Supply Base Operation
Planning and execution of the resources for the support of the projects.

Planning and Operation of the supply base where our services included the provision of equipment, personnel, maintenance of facilities and all logistic operational services to support the project. We seek to optimize the use of resources, reducing downtime or non-productive, always taking care of quality and safety standards.

Air Cargo Support
Preparation of external and internal load for lifting operations held by Helicopters.

Responsible for the coordination and programming of the load according to the requirements of the project. We perform all our operations according to the LOLER standard.

Coordination of Flights and Passengers
Flight coordination and cargo planning according to available resources, times and flight routes.

Coordination and preparation of passenger flight schedule. Control and analysis of cargo and passengers mobilized between the customer's different locations and by cost center. Registration, weighing and boarding of passengers and luggage before the departure of each flight, as well as the reception, transfer and delivery of the luggage to the passengers.

Ground Support
Land transportation for all types of fuels, supplies, drilling accessories and heavy equipment.

We design, plan and execute ground movement for all types of cargo. We have certified lifting equipment, cranes and experienced personnel.

Maritime and River Support
We program and carry out all load mobilization of equipment, materials and tools, both river and maritime.

We manage the use of the supply base/port and the resources to optimize the operation while maintaining the safety performance.
Loading and unloading materials from barges and boats in general in river operations, as well as planning the cargo/vessel movement, Materials transport, supplies and logistic resources in maritime operations.

Warehousing Management
Materials control. We control and administer warehouse operations.

Operations in a warehouse include inventory management, picking processes and auditing. We adapt to our customer´s management system.

Fuel Management
We maintain, control and monitor fuel consumption and stock at the supply base.

We manage the transportation (road, river, water or air), storage (tanks, bladders) and refueling for aircraft (helicopters or aircraft) and heavy equipment. We are trained to manage the fuel supply chain, for all types of fuel, which includes: aviation, crude, diesel and gasoline. CSM uses a computerized system, to generate reports and inform management practices, this system enables consumption control a cost analysis for fuel purchases.

General Supplies Base Services
Maintenance of facilities and operation and Maintenance of equipment fleet.

We perform the maintenance of the base supplies (infrastructure and green areas), as well as the preventive and corrective maintenance of equipment. We have qualified personnel for the different specialties: warehouses, cleaning, mechanics, technicians, among others.

We provide all the services that are necessary for the proper functioning of the supply base.